"We create narrative driven film content and cutting edge campaigns for web and social media"

About us

PHAT DOG FILMS are a creative film production company based in Edinburgh, working all over Scotland and the UK. We create narrative driven film content and cutting edge campaigns for web and social media. Our films connect you with your audience.

We all know that the success of a good film commercial is it’s captivating power to connect and it’s consistent ability to resonate with the viewer. Using humour, suspense and drama, we inject life into our films. Pairing our original concepts with your unique brand, we bridge the gap between you and your audience with visual precision.

we are a hungry bunch!

'‘PHAT DOG’ construct narrative driven content that tells your message or story. Why have a film that looks great but doesn’t say anything? We feel as creatives it’s our purpose and responsibility to engage and evoke thought and action in the films we produce.

Film is our obsession! Our attention to colour, texture, tone, style and mood, and the impact and nuance it adds to a film, are what makes us tick.

We are always looking to put our in house team and creative vision to the test and pride ourselves on our friendly approach, creating close, personal collaborations and partnerships in order to consistently deliver our clients briefs
We like to produce more than cinematic imagery that looks great. Above all that what makes us really special is our crucial understanding of how important it is to connect with people! Using films to inspire people, make people laugh, or cry! It's about evoking emotion, the most important thing for us is to connect.


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